Treatment for the Migraines with Tx360


migraine-treatment4The migraines are defined as headaches or pains in the superior area of the neck. The headaches represent one of the most common pains a person can feel, and it can have different reasons.

The chronic headaches are divided into four types – the chronic migraines, the migraines that appear as cerebral tension, the daily migraines and the continuous hemicranias. The migraines can also be symptoms of different illnesses, while in some cases, the doctors can’t establish a reason for them.

Types of Migraines

Rebound Headache Treatments

The chronic migraines usually evolve from rare, episodically migraines. The chronic migraines will affect only a part of the head, usually associated with pulsations in the region of the head, with an intensity that can vary from moderate to severe, being aggravated by physical activities.

The daily migraines will appear at once, with pain in both sides of the head, in the form of a cranial pressure. This type of migraine is of moderate intensity and can be associated with nausea, photophobia or sensitivity to strong sounds.

The continuous hemicrania will manifest by a pain in one part of the head, remaining constant and never changing the area. This can be daily, without showing periods with any pain. It is of moderate intensity, which alternates with short periods of severe pains. It includes the reddening and the swelling of the eye on the part where the pain is located.

The Treatment

How-To-Get-Rid-Of-Headache-Fast-Without-MedicineThe migraine treatment can be given only if the illness is diagnosed correctly. The doctor will have to make a history of the pains – intensity, frequency, length and others. After this, you will have to undertake a medical physical exam, to see if there are any signs of affections, infections or neurological problems. If the cause of the migraine cannot be detected, you will have to make blood tests, urine tests and imagistic tests.

The prevention treatment and the curing treatment of the migraines will be different according to the causes that lead to the existence of pain.

The treatment can include the administration of medication like antidepressants, beta-blockers or non-steroid anti-inflammatory medication. The treatment of the migraines with the help of antidepressants is usually recommended, as these are medications that help treating the depression, the anxiety and the sleeping disorders that often accompany the migraines.

cefaly_migraine_treatmentThe beta-blockers are also used for migraine treatment, as these are commonly used for treating blood pressure, and they are recommended in episodically migraines. Sometimes, these are prescribed together, to get a better result. When there is severe pain, the doctors will usually prescribe a treatment with anti-inflammatory non-steroid medication, and these can prove effective.

The Use of Tx360

Having a migraine will definitely affect your daily activities, no matter what kind of migraine you might have. The Tx360 is actually a nasal applicator that helps you disseminate a local anesthetic inside your nose. This medication helps in blocking temporarily the function of the SPG – the sphenopalatine ganglion, which can be found in the nose. The anesthetic will work on the SPG, blocking the pain receptors and helping you alleviate different types of cephalgia. It logowas proven that the Tx360 has good results in different types of migraines, as the SPG is a focal point for sympathetic, parasympathetic and sensory fibers.

This drug helps you by offering sustained relieve, by blocking the function of the SPG, at least temporarily, offering prompt, sustained, relief of pain.

Up until this drug was invented, the procedure for blocking the SPG was complicated and sometimes required general sedation. The doctor was supposed to insert a cotton tip applicator in the nasal passage and leave it there for 30 minutes, or to insert a long needle in the side of the head. Those were considered risky and not desirable.

Today, there is the easiest solution for treating the migraines with Tx360 – this can offer pain relief in less than 30 seconds, it is quick and it is also comfortable for the patient.